Thursday, 7 March 2013

Crowd Sourcing Interior Designs

CoContest  is a platform that has just been released to provide a space where millions of home and business owners in need of new design ideas to renovate their homes or offices can get inspiration. 

Clients Literally source design ideas from 'crowds' of designers and architects online. Clients send in their requests and architects compete in design contests for cash rewards and specifications set by the clients. This initiative provides an opportunity for companies to use as a channel for high quality, affordable projects. It also allows for junior architects to break into the industry. 

This new sourcing platform has the potential to revolutionize the interior design industry. It connects millions of architects and interior designers to utilize their talents and test their design abilities in a virtual space. It also provides an opportunity for young designers to be exposed to, and get use to a very competitive industry where rejection is inevitable, but not the end of your career either. 

CoContest is the first of its sort and looks like a very promising business venture.

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