Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Now you can have your news and eat it

By eating your news I do not mean scoffing down your morning  newspaper...

There is now an Image Toaster that burns the morning news onto your slice of toast. Think of it as a news and breakfast combo where your toast won't be just another slice of bread anymore  The Image Toaster is a project designed by Scott van Haastrecht , a prototype that he created for the Creative Technology course "Innovation Lab" in University.

This  is a Wi-Fi connected device that searches the internet for a photo related to the day's date and then burns it into your toast. The image will however be a fairly low pixel image and converts the original picture into a grid of black and white pixels. The toaster uses servos to change a grid of burners to on or off positions. 

Although this is not a substitute for conventional news consumption, it is a very innovative art project that offers a new way to submit information into society. The clip below shows a heart being toasted on the slice of bread announcing Valentine's day. The possibilities are endless. This may even be a convenient way to connect with social media, to announce the number of e-mails or Facebook notifications you have in the morning.

 It is also a creative way to get children, not usually slighted by news, interested in daily news topics and the world around them.

What do I want on my toast in the morning? News with a dash of butter please. Not a bad way to start your morning, very wholesome I might add. This low pixel invention might only be a slice of the design loaf coming our way in the near future, soon our toast might pop out with the latest news headline and News24 logo to go. 

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