Saturday, 20 April 2013


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Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Hotel(lo) on wheels

 Days of sleeping on the couch when friends don't have a spare room, are over. Just take your own portable hotel room with you. Meet Hotello, your new best friend.

Hotello is a four-square meter, instant hotel room consisting of a metal structure, sound absorbent curtain, bed, desk, lamp and stool. It is all packed into a bright red trunk with wheels.  The inside of the structure can be assembled in various positions to suit your needs.

This portable office space/hotel room was designed Italian architect Antonio Scarponi. He created Hotello to be used in empty urban spaces like lofts and warehouses. Also part of the project is Swiss firm Das Konzept which specializes in "design office innovation". The concept was developed  in collaboration with visual artist Robert de Luca.

Scarponi's  practice often involves only "small scale projects" which he believes will have a much bigger impact on the urban environment. He told CNN that "interior design is one of the biggest engines of urban transformation in Europe".

This design sure has everything needed to work and sleep on the move, and will possibly even move beyond the walls of the urban environment. Festival goers will look upon you will envious eyes when you rock up with this fellow while they pitch their two-man tents. 

You might want to limit yourself to summer festivals-because it doesn't have a roof (yet). But in due time this design might even develop an outdoor version with all the mosquito nets and whistles

Even without outdoor features the uses are endless. Being on a fashion shoot the past weekend we had to find a bush thick enough to double as a dressing room to get the model dressed in. At shoots like these (where we were removed from any signs of civilization) this pop-up structure would be the perfect substitute for the almost thick vineyard we ended up using.

When used indoors it will transform even the most useless empty space into a layer of functionality where you can work and sleep.

This design will be launched for the first time at the Fuori Salone 2013, a design event to be held in Milan on 9 April.

Next time you leave for an impromptu weekend away or just want to equip your office space with a place to take those crucial power naps the Hotello is a perfect travel companion and spatial solution.